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Academic Excellence Committee

The Academic Excellence Committee is responsible for oversight of​the academic programs, policies, and other educational activities, student support, and outreach activities of CEMCO. The Committee​,​in exercising its duties​, ​ensure​s​the school’s educational quality, long-term academic vitality, and a quality of the student experience.

Standing Meeting Time: First Friday @ 2:00PM
Committee Chair: Tamara Avant
Additional Board Trustee: Tim Blackston, Elizabeth Berenguer

Academic Excellence Committee

Finance & Facilities Committee

The responsibility of the Finance ​branch of the Finance ​and Facilities ​C​ommittee is to assist the Board in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibility while maintaining the fiscal stability and long-term economic health of the school. The Committee oversees that financial planning for the school is supportive of and fully integrated with the long-range educational plans and mission of CEMCO. The Committee provides oversight of fiscal management and guidance to those responsible for the school’s day-to-day operations.

The primary function of the Facilities ​branch of the Finance and Facilit​ies Committee ​is to assist the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibility regarding school’s physical assets: its land, buildings, equipment, and technology infrastructure. More specifically​ it is charged with maintain​ing​the adequacy and condition of capital assets, develop​ing​and periodically review​ing​policies, advocat​ing for new structures and rehabilitat​ing​or remov​ing​older structures, and ascertain​ing​that adequate levels of funding exist for maintenance and safe school operations and technology infrastructure.

Standing Meeting Time(s): Finance - Second Wednesday at 2:00 PM, Facilities – Third Monday at 2:00PM
Committee Chairs: Teri Cornelius & Dave Gibson
Additional Board Trustee: Justin Hummel

Facilities Committee

Finance Committee

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee is responsible for providing guidance to the Board regarding its long-range educational plans and mission as it relates to personnel and other matters relevant to the Board’s human resources concerns. The primary focus areas of the HR Committee include, but are not limited to: personnel recruitment, orientation, evaluation, promotion, support; and human resource management processes.

Standing Meeting Time: First Friday at 1:30PM
Committee Chair: Elizabeth Berenguer
Additional Board Trustee: Michelle Candline, Tim Blackston

Human Resources Committee

Marketing and Community ​Outreach Committee

The Marketing and Community Outreach Committee’s responsibility is to assist the Board in representing the CEMCO brand and image, assuring that the school has internal and external marketing and communications programs and venues t​argeted at specific community segments, and that school programs are consistent with clearly​-​defined marketing objectives to enhance the reputation and recognition of CEMCO.

Standing Meeting Time: Second Monday at 5:45 PM
Committee Chair: Justin Hummel
Additional Board Trustee: Spencer Burch

Marketing and Community ​Outreach Committee

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is responsible for overseeing and implementing Board processes and procedures. Its duties include interviewing trustee candidates and recommending appointment to the Board, drafting resolutions, reviewing corporate documents and amending them from time to time, scheduling training, and maintaining Trustee records.

Standing Meeting Time: Second Monday at 9:30AM
Committee Chair: Elizabeth Berenguer
Additional Board Trustee: Michelle Candline, Tamara Avant

The Board welcomes community member participation on its committees. Please contact the Committee Chair via email if interested (all emails are firstname.lastname @cemco.org).

Governance Committee

Working Board

Working Board Meetings

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