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Alana Brown Teacher
Brittany Greenspan Teaching Assistant
Carlos Hernandez Accounts Manager
Carmen McQueen RtI Coordinator
Catherine Morrissey Teaching Assistant
Dave Gibson Board Trustee
Denise Miller Teacher
Elizabeth Berenguer Board Trustee
Emily McGovern Teaching Assistant
Gin Gin Lundy Teacher
Inna Adams Teaching Assistant
Jenn Williams Student Health & Information Specialist
Jennifer Stevens Teaching Assistant
Katey Adams Teacher
Katherine Davis Teacher
Kelby Kessler Teacher
Kelly Arseneau Teacher
Kevin Laurent Board Trustee
Kolby Harrell Board Trustee
Kristen Renz Teaching Assistant
Laurel Denham Teacher
Liliana Hudescu Board Trustee
Linda Ghazal Teaching Assistant
Lois Stitt Teacher
Magdalena Guillen Teacher
Meaghan Singletary Board Trustee
Melissa Allen Teaching Assistant
Melissa Miner Teacher
Meredith Shriver Head of Montessori Curriculum & Instruction
Michelle Candline Board Trustee
Nadia Richards Teacher
Natasha Mitchell Teaching Assistant
Patty Cruzan Teacher
Petra Echauri Teacher
Quanesha Grant Teaching Assistant
Sabrina Rivera Teacher
Stephanie Babcock-Wright Executive Director
Stephanie Thorne Teacher
Tedina Estrado Teaching Assistant
Teresa Middleton Business Manager
Teri Cornelius Board Trustee
Tiffany Mayo Teaching Assistant
Twilia Melvin Administrative Assistant
Virlinda Holmes Teaching Assistant
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