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Family Service Hours Logs

How to Log Your Family Service Hours

1. Click on the link below for your student’s class number. If you have more than one student, choose the class of your youngest student.

2. The FSH workbook will open to Tab 00. Read the instructions on that tab but enter nothing there.

3. Scroll along the bottom of the workbook to find the tab for your student. Tabs are labeled by students’ initials in alphabetical order.

4. Click on the tab for your student. Complete the question on the right-hand side of the sheet about your household.

5. Then enter your hours, contributions and donations for all the students in your family. Each family will have one log within the class workbook of the youngest student.

Entries on the sheet are used as example only. Please type over them and input your own items/activities. DO NOT TYPE IN THE YELLOW BOX; IT DOES THE CALCULATIONS FOR YOU.

Log your entries based on the Honor System; receipts not required.


  • $5 of contributions = 1 hour of time (conversion automatically done within log, just type $ in the Dollar Amount column)
  • 50 BoxTops submitted to school or PTO = $5.00 = 1 hour of time (type in "1" in Activity Hours column with "50 BoxTops" in Description column)
  • 20 FSHs requested from single-parent families and 40 FSHs requested from dual-parent families for the school year
  • All contributions are tax-deductible. Contact Teresa Middleton, Business Manager, at for CEMCO's Tax ID if needed.


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Please email Stephanie Babcock-Wright at with any questions or issues.


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