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Montessori Materials and Furnishings

Didactic Materials  
Complete set of Biome Cards for the the Continents ea
North America Biome Puzzle
$75 ea
Complete set, Word Study
$445 ea
Timeline of the Universe
$110 ea
Timeline of Life
$180 ea
Timeline of History of Numbers
$180 ea
Grammar Sentences Set
$784 ea
Grammer Command Boxes
$225 ea
Geography/Geometry Cabinet W/10 drawers
$210 ea
Impressionistic Chart
$80 ea
Layout - Birds Eye View
$350 ea
Equivalent Figure Materials
$275 ea
Geometric Cabinet
$350 ea
Geometry Curriculum $176 ea
Stackable Chairs 18"
$150 ea
Large Square Table 25"
$250 ea
Rectangular Table 25"
$330 ea
Large Round Table 25"
$500 ea
Five-Tier Shelf
$330 ea
Three-Tier Shelf
$312 ea
Open Three-Tier Shelf
$302 ea
Two-Tier Shelf with extra shelf $250 ea


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