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The Board of the Coastal Empire Montessori Community Organization was formed in 2006 to formulate the necessary legal framework and set the stage with the Savannah/Chatham Country Public School System to launch the Coastal Empire Montessori Charter School in the fall of 2008.

Board membership included former personnel of the SCCPSS, former community leaders, a former Montessori school principal, a current Montessori teacher-trainer, and current Savannah business leaders. The Board also retained the services of a practicing corporate lawyer and a professional architect.

The mission of the Board is five-fold:

  1. To provide the financial and legal structure that will ensure the fiduciary well-being of the school body;
  2. To employ a Head of School, teaching staff, training personnel, and administrative and custodial staff, with the intent of providing well-qualified adults to serve as good role models for the children who are enrolled at our school;
  3. To serve as a liaison between the school and the SCCPSS board by making regular reports to the Board;
  4. To sponsor events that will make CEMCS more visible to the larger Savannah community, such as educational seminars for those teachers, parents and other adults who have an interest in Montessori education;
  5. To hold fast to the same goals that are contained in the mission statement of our school: to build a strong collaborative community of students, families and school personnel dedicated to the development of life-long learners who acquire the skills and attitudes of responsibility, resourcefulness and respect.

CEMCO Board Trustees

Ms. Elizabeth Berenguer – President

Mr. Justin Hummel - Vice President

Mrs. Teri Cornelius - Treasurer

Mrs. Michelle Candline – Secretary

Mr. Dave Gibson - PTO Trustee

Mr. Tim Blackston

Mr. Spencer Burch

Mr. Jose Gonzalez

Mr. Jay Jones

Mr. Starlette Sinclair

Ex-Officio Affiliates to the CEMCO Board

Ms. Stephanie Babcock-Wright - Ex-Officio Affiliate

Mr. Bill Kovach - CFO - Ex-Officio Affiliate

Ms. Katherine Davis - HMCI - Ex-Officio Affiliate

If you are interested in serving on the CEMCO Board of Trustees, please submit a letter of interest and a resume to Elizabeth Berenguer at the above email address. You may also participate on the Board without becoming a Trustee by joining a committee (information can be found here).



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